High efficiency toroidal transformers
CE certified
Standard Features

Power: 5 VA – 35 VA
Vector group:
Network frequency: 50/60 Hz
Thermal Class: B (120°C)
Over Temperature:
Ambient Temperature: max.60°C
Degree of Protection:
Class of Insulation: II

Common features of the series

-Low magnetic dispersed flow.
-High efficiency.
-Absence of vibrations and noises.
-Double primary 115V in standard execution to be connected in series or parallel (other voltages can be supplied on request).
-Double secondary (see table for standard execution/other voltages can be supplied on request) to be connected in series or parallel.
-Compact dimensions and low profile.
-Insulation class II.
-Thermal insulation class: B (120°C).
-Permissible ambient temperature: 60°C.
-High isolation between primary and sec. and to ground (tested at 4KV x 1′).


mechanical and / or electrical listed in the tables may be changed without notice

Power PRI. SEC, Code IO PO. V SEC.0 Pcc DV DT n
Part number
5VA 2x115V 2x 7V 357mA 438TOR005.001 1,10mA 0,11W 2x8,98V 1,22W 21% 22°C 80%
2x 9V 278mA 438TOR005.002 2x11,7V 1,38W 22% 24°C 76%
2x12V 280mA 438TOR005.003 2x15,2V 1,31W 21% 26°C 76%
2x18V 139mA 438TOR005.004 2x22,8V 1,37W 20% 24°C 78%
2x15V 167mA 438TOR005.005 2x19,0V 1,36W 21% 26°C 77%
7VA 2X115V 2x 7V 500mA 438TOR007.001 1,42mA 0,14W 2x9,48V 2,18W 21% 37°C 76%
2x 9V 194mA 438TOR007.002 2x12,1V 2,50W 23% 42°C 73%
2x12V 292mA 438TOR007.003 2x16,2V 2,51W 23% 42°C 76%
2x 18V 194mA 438TOR007.004 2x23,9V 2,22W 21% 35°C 76%
2x 15V 233mA 438TOR007.005 2x20,3V 2,51W 23% 43°C 74%
10VA 2X115V 2x 7V 714mA 438TOR010.001 1,52mA 0,16W 2x8,80V 2,70W 20% 39°C 78%
2x 9V 556mA 438TOR010.002 2x11,3V 2,66W 19% 38°C 79%
2x 12V 417mA 438TOR010.003 2x14,9V 2,67W 19% 39°C 78%
2x 18V 278mA 438TOR010.004 2x22,2V 2,59W 18% 38°C 79%
2x 15V 333mA 438TOR010.005 2x18,6V 2,74W 20% 39°C 78%
15VA 2X115V 2x 7V 1,07A 438TOR015.001 2,11mA 0,22W 2x8,73V 3,90W 18% 40°C 79%
2X 9v 833mA 438TOR015.002 2x11,1V 3,40W 17% 37°C 81%
2x 12V 625mA 438TOR015.003 2x14,5V 3,16W 15% 36°C 82%
2x 18V 417mA 438TOR015.004 2x22,1V 3,86W 18% 40°C 79%
2x 15V 500mA 438TOR015.005 2x18,1V 3,15W 15% 36°C 82%
25VA 2X115V 2x 7V 1,79A 438TOR025.001 2,42mA 0,26W 2x8,25V 4,66W 14% 42°C 84%
2x 9V 1,38A 438TOR025.002 2x10,5V 4,67W 14% 42°C 84%
2x 12V 1,04A 438TOR025.003 2x14,1V 4,94W 14% 44°C 83%
2x 18V 694mA 438TOR025.004 2x21,0V 4,67W 14% 42°C 84%
2x 15V 832mA 438TOR025.005 2x17,4V 4,64W 14% 41°C 84%
35VA 2X115V 2x 7V 2,50A 438TOR035.001 6,55mA 0,34W 2x8,05V 8,20W 18% 38°C 85%
2x 9V 1,94A 438TOR035.002 2x10,6V 8,22W 18% 40°C 84%
2x 12V 1,46A 438TOR035.003 2x14,1V 8,21W 18% 39°C 85%
2x 18V 972mA 438TOR035.004 2x20,8V 8,20W 18% 42°C 86%
2x 15V 1,17mA 438TOR035.005 2x17,5V 8,21W 18% 40°C 84%
Power A B C X Weight
mm mm mm mm
5VA 49,7 49,7 23,1 45,7 145gr
7VA 166gr
10VA 27,8 242gr
15VA 60 60 26,3 55,9 302gr
25VA 37,5 402gr
35VA 72 72 38 66,04 580gr