ELETTROMECCANICA TADDEI has also created a wide range of transformers for AUDIO applications.
These transformers were built always in full custom version, behind the unique needs of customers in the high-end sector and high fi delity.
Given the sophisticated application where normally isn’t employed standard transformer, for high fidelity we arranged with special design and application simulation programs. We use the highest quality materials, such as magnetic laminations oriented crystal quality in M0 (toroid cores) and M5 (lamination EI), air – gap cores, double enamel copper wire in thermal class H / N.
All constructions are designed with low-induction, “mixed” windings, electrostatic screens and interference suppressor screens. In this manner we get transformers with 20Hz to 120kHz bandwidth, long life, high performance, low operating temperatures, low noise and very low dispersed flow.
Is enough that customer submit to us their requirements in terms of:
  • Application (audio valve output or audio supply transformer)
  • Load characteristics (power, frequency, impedance)
  • Construction (toroid, laminated, type of outputs, external dimensions, shielding, resin embedded and wiring)
With this information we will be able to propose the best technical and commercial solution in very short time.
Audio supply transformer:
The duty of these transformers is to transfer the full power to the load (usually an amplifier) dividing it on the specific voltages of finally load.

In addition to this fundamental task, the line transformer serves like galvanic separator between the electric line and the power supply device and a voltage spike limiter of the network. The filtering effects of these transformers can be increased by adding the electrostatic screen to be connected to the ground terminal.

Audio valve output transformer :

Also called coupling transformers, or impedance adapters, used for adapting the impedance of the final valves (very high output impedance of average value of some KOhm) to the load , generally this is speakers (very low impedance some decades ohms).
The task of this particular transformer is to adapt this largely different impedances and this is a most critical component of all the final power amplifier.

It requires impeccable design, selected materials, and a special construction technique.
Technically it behaves like a band pass filter where the band is wider when the transformer is better.

To build this type of transformer the following information from the interested buyer are needed:

  • Single Ended o PushPull.
  • Anodic voltage wanted for using.
  • No load primary current of transformer.
  • Secondary impendence (more of one to).
  • Primary impendence
  • Needed power for speakers

Available versions of all audio transformers:

  • Open frame laminated.
  • Resin embedded laminated on insulation box or on the metallic interference suppressor screens.
  • Not resin embedded laminated with external screen.
  • Laminated for electronic circuits.
  • Open frame toroid transformer with free cables.
  • Open frame toroid with external screen and free cables.
  • Resin embedded toroid on insulation or metallic box.

The Highest-fi delity sound technology is on continuous evolving and consequently the Transformers of ELETTROMECCANICA TADDEI, for this application, are constantly adjusted with the use of more sophisticated materials and technologically advanced and with design features derived from our and clearly from experiences of our most appreciated customers.